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A server is only as good as its network

At ProHosters we exclusively use the Carpathia Hosting network. The Carpathia Intelligent Routing Network (CIRN) is built exclusively atop N+1 redundant, hot failover Juniper hardware. Unlike most hosting providers that rely on simple BGP, CIRN does much more than simply count the number of hops to each end-user. CIRN analyzes each one of our transit and peers for latency, jitter, and packet loss and then automatically selects the highest-performing provider to ensure that our customers get the fastest speeds available. Developed exclusively by Carpathia Hosting, CIRN has quickly become the preferred network for online game and video-streaming companies who demand the absolute fastest route.

Transit and peer providers currently used by Carpathia Hosting:
Savvis, Level(3), Qwest, Global Crossing, Btn, Tiscali. Peering Partners used by Carpathia Hosting: Netcologne, Realconnect, Witbe, Primus Telecommunications, Telenor, Aleron, EarthLink, TDS, Atlantech.

For details on CIRN, please refer to the following third-party link:


Carpathia Hosting offers its premium bandwidth over CIRN. Our intelligent routing software monitors traffic flows and alerts us to latency, packet retransmissions, and packet loss. When CIRN discovers issues with any of our transit providers, the system dynamically tests for a better path and redirects your packets through that new, higher-performing path. CIRN provides you a competitive advantage for your mission-critical and performance-sensitive network applications.

CIRN was designed from its inception to be redundant, secure, and performance sensitive. We have deployed only the best networking equipment and technology to deliver on that design. Our network--a completely redundant, consistent, two-element design through and through--is powered exclusively by Juniper routers. Juniper was chosen for its commitment to performance without sacrifice to security. The two-element design approach allows us to ensure 100% uptime and availablity of the network at all times.

Carpathia's network is never short on capacity. We only interconnect with transit and peer networks via Gig-E Fiber connections or larger OC48 and OC192 where appropriate. Furthermore, the use of Juniper network routers allows us to filter inbound and outbound DOS and dDOS attacks at line rate while forwarding performance remains 100% available. Carpathia's high-performance routing system combined with our filter protection from outside attacks, as well as our extensive peering and transit links, ensure the best possible network performance for our customers.

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