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Looking for a powerful control panel to manage your VPS?

Look no further. From full system management to individual email settings, the ProHosters Control Panel (PHCP) puts you in charge. And because it's fully managed by our 24/7 extreme support team, you can rest assured you have the best combination of tools and support in the business.

System Manager Benefits

  • Set system to your language and time zone
  • Full root access
  • Connect via SSH
  • Re-boot your server
  • Control web server
  • Create system and FTP users
  • Manage back ups and restores
  • Manage your domains and DNS settings
  • Transparently upgrade to larger plans at anytime

System Manager Scenario

A company builds an online store for their website requiring an SSL certificate to provide secure communications for their visitors. Through the System Control Panel the admin upgrades from the current plan to one that includes SSL. After the transparent migration is completed the admin selects SSL configuration and generates the Certificate Signing Request. Once the signed certificate is received the admin installs it on Apache thereby allowing secure communications with the online store.

System User Benefits

  • Modify account address and phone information
  • Modify credit card details
  • Update your login and password

System User Scenario

Customer receives a monthly bill larger than expected. The system user opens the Control Panel and selects the Billing folder to review the latest statement online. From the statement the user confirms that the account consumed a lot of network traffic. The user then selects the upgrade center tab in the Control Panel and upgrades the account to a plan that includes more network traffic at greater discounts.
Email User Benefits

  • 24/7 access to web based email / POP or IMAP
  • Assign forwarding and catch-alls
  • Modify SPAM protection features
  • Update your password
  • Email User Scenario

Company's sales manager is going overseas. She needs her Email to be forwarded to a public mail server from where she can read it. She opens My Control Panel, selects the Mail Forwarding item and configures to forward all incoming e-mail to her Hotmail account.


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