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Parallels Plesk Panel is the newest release of the award-winning Parallels Plesk Panel software. Designed exclusively with re-sellers in mind, Parallels Plesk Panel provides the power and flexibility required to stay in front of the competition. And because it's fully managed by our 24/7 extreme support team, you can rest assured you have the best combination of tools and support in the business.

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Parallels Plesk Panel offers important new features:

Firewall Module* - The Plesk Firewall module allows you to configure a firewall on your host by managing high-level rules. Create a rule by specifying that you want to allow (or block) network communications from a set of source IP addresses or networks to a set of destination IP addresses or networks using a set of TCP and/or UDP ports. The specified rules get translated into low-level firewall rules specific to your system. Additionally, commonly used network services (www, DNS etc) the Firewall module includes predefined service rules. Enabling and disabling access to these services is as easy as flipping a switch.
Counter-Strike GameServer – One of the fast-growing segments of the Internet is Game Servers Hosting. Using the Plesk Module API, you can integrate virtually any game on your current Plesk server. As an example, Parallels Plesk Panel includes a fully integrated Counter-Strike Game Server. Just use our GUI to edit configuration files, set up, configure and monitor your favorite multiplayer online game.
VPN Module* - The Virtual Private Networking module for Parallels Plesk Panel extends Plesk with the ability to establish secure communications over public networks. A Plesk host with the VPN module installed can participate in a secure peer-to-peer communication with another Plesk VPN host or with a UNIX or Windows machine without Plesk. The VPN module is based on the OpenVPN software.
File Server Module* - The File Server module enables Plesk administrators to share directories on a network directly from the control panel. Using Plesk File Server, you can share access to a directory on your server, grant access to this directory to specific users and assign read-only or write permissions for this directory. File Server uses the Microsoft SMB (Server Message Block) protocol to share resources on a Samba server for network users. For the Plesk File Server, the Samba server (version 2.2.x or 3.x) must be installed and properly configured.
SMTP Reject - By default Qmail will accept mail for any domain name that is properly listed in the rcpthosts/virthosts file. However, it doesn't verify that the username exists. As a result, when a message gets processed, a new MAILER DAEMON message is created. Spammers will take advantage of this to send their spam through a server (they put the intended recipient in the FROM box and a domain which behaves like this in the TO box). Plesk has pre-set Qmail to deny accepting the message altogether if the user does not exist on the server.

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