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Every hosting company likes to describe their support department as being the best in the business by using terms like “proactive,” “dedicated,” or even “fanatical.” We chose not to follow such practices until one day in our support chat room, when one of our customers said, "This isn't just support, it's EXTREME SUPPORT!!!" After a few laughs in the support channel the word somehow got out, and we quickly found ourselves embracing the term. Only our customers really know what Extreme Support is all about, so the best way to find out is to ask one of them. If you are, however, stopping here without a referral, then I hope the description below will give you a good idea of why our customers call our support “Extreme.”

What is Extreme Support?

Extreme Support is not limited to 24x7x365 live engineers waiting for your requests, and it's not simply having the most experienced staff willing to assist you. Extreme Support means going beyond the barriers of the hardware and hosting plans to provide you, the customer, with the assistance you need to get your sites and applications up and running.

Extreme Support includes:

  • Live 24x7x365 online support and assistance center
  • Level 3 support engineers
  • Online support ticketing system
  • Browser-based control panel
  • Two-hour hardware replacement SLA
  • System monitoring
  • Online billing and payment account

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